Thursday, April 28, 2011


From the author:

"Chris whats up?

So on Raw, I am requesting that you use this post from my blog.
It has never gotten ANY traction and I dont know why.
I love it.  It is a legit CRAZY J-WORLD post and I haven't seen anything else like it.
Take a look.  Ultimately your call obviously but I would love for this to see the light of day."

From the Post:

"Now those are the ones that I felt I could actually post a graphic of, without GOD literally ripping open the Heavens, reaching down and turning my crotch into hamburger and black sadness.
The following is one, well, I just couldn’t put the photo up, I know I am on my way to hell but there is no reason to buy an express ticket. Anyway this is just the game name and the slogan :"

Gaijinass is a new blogger for me and he gets into alot of shit very deeply. I'd like to think I could write like him if I wasn't riddled with ADHD.
Have a look at the full original post,